Backend Application Development Using Node JS, GraphQL & Firebase

Node JS, GraphQL & Firebase

We build fast, secure & complex APIs using Node JS, GraphQL and Firebase.


We build two types of APIs – REST API and GraphQL APIs

Authentication & Security Built In

All of our APIs support authentication and security out of the box.

We Build High Performance Production Ready, Fast & Secure Backend Applications.

Node JS, GraphQL & Firebase is best suitable for building high quality, high performance, enterprise level realtime backend applications and APIs.

Super Fast, Secure and Realtime Backend and APIs

Very easy to use and a booming ecosystem with 1000s of plugins

NPM & Yarn Package managers

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Faster Backend Development

Get your backend production ready in days not in weeks or months using Node JS, GraphQL & Firebase.

MongoDB, MySQL or Any Database

We can use any type of database we want while building backends. These can be relational, nosql or graph dbs.

Low Development Cost & Faster Delivery

It costs less to develop backends using these technologies and it saves us lot of time and hence costs less.

Ready to take the next step?

We have build lot of backend applications and APIs using Node JS, GraphQL and Firebase. We have used MongoDB, MySQL as database for storing the data.

We can easily build complex APIs using API Gateway, Serverless Functions and the modern tools and technologies.